Rocket Dosai

Restaurant dosa are always special than home made....Not the one that is in US here...I am saying about the restaurants in madurai and chennai...Most of the time I will go for dosa in the restaurants..My brother he is a dosa cant beleive he will eat dosa for all the three times a day...all 365 days...He wont even get bored...thats interesting rite...I am not that kind...Same as Senthil...secret behind Dosa is the batter and heat in the tava..Batter needs to be lil watery and the tava needs to be hot not very hot...when you add lil water to the tava you should hear hear the sound...that is the ideal heat for the tava..When the batter is in hand there is no time neede for preparing these rocket dosa..

Click here for the batter

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