What is better than a evening with a bajji and hot filter cofee? When you walk through the streets of madurai during evening you can see a lot of street food vendors busy making these bajji.I really amazed by the way they make..they usually make in a jet speed.With the same speed the bajji will also get sold..
I used to make lot of snacks for Senthil.People here call me snack expert.Due to health concern rarely I am makin snacks these days.Bajji mostly made with plaintains but using potatoes is for a change.
When I was a kid, we used to go to kourtallam for every season,which is a picnic spot near madurai.We used to take bath in the falls,which may sound weird for some of them,but honestly its whole lot of fun.After taking bath we used to starve like anything.The street vendors there used to sell the spicy chilli bajji.Which is super duper hot.Thinking of those makes me drool a lot.

You need
Besan flour-2 cups
Rice flour-1 cup
Idly batter-2 tbsp
Asofoetida-a pinch
Chilli powder-2 tsp
Red kesari color-a pinch
salt-as per taste
Potato(any vegetable)-thinly sliced
oil-for frying


Mix all the ingridient except potato in a water.Make sure it will be in dosa batter/pancake batter consistency.

Dip the potato and fry it in oil until it is nice and crispy.


Adding a idly batter helps to make bajji a little bit fluffy and for different taste.


  1. Wow, nice bajji... and the color is great nice snack...

  2. Hi Priya. Thanks for dropping by my blog. First time here. Your pictures are too good! And this makes me nostalgic. I am from tuticorin n we go to courtallam every year.. Missing those days. Bajji looks yummy! Glad I found ur blog.

  3. My hubby loves it. In the evenings he always ask me to do this with onions. A very good evening snack. Tea with bajji, great combo. Looks delicious. And thanks for visiting my blog and for your lovely comments.

  4. Oh wow what a color....Iam ready to sip that coffee with tempting vadas....First time here..You have nice recipes in your blog...

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog Divya...Good to know that you are also from south of Tamilnadu...

    Thanks Mathi...Your name is very familiar to me..I had friends with the same name..

    Thanks Kitchen Flavors..Yeah nobody can resist the coffee/tea with vada in the evening..

  6. courtallam and bajji are inseparable dear:) Nice combination with coffee. Looks delicious dear.
    Very interesting write up.

  7. bajji and coffee......what a nice combination!!!! And the picture looks just perfect!

  8. Thanks Vicky...Yes you are correct dear Courtallam and bajji are inseperable..

  9. I full agree about baji and hot filtercoffee, they are just marriage made in heaven, the thought makes me drool as your bajies look so tempting.

  10. Thanks Aruna..

    Thanks Happy cook..

  11. Priya, Bajji looks tempting with traditional coffee!

  12. mmm. bajji and coffee is the best combo. The pic is too tempting. Nice recipe. You have a nice blog :)

  13. Bajji and forgot to invite me!:( he he just the combo so much, yeah ofcourse company of some friends!:)

  14. Can I have those bajji and kapi...wonderful dear

  15. Thanks Ann..

    Thanks Uma for visiting my blog...

    Yeah Malar.. Cofee,Bajji,Friends cool Idea..Oh Dear you are not in NY area or else I should have invited you .:)

    Sure Priti..You are welcome to have it..

  16. awesome bajjis and i like how you paired it with coffee..thx for stopping by and you have a nice collection of recipes too