Chilli Chicken/Lassoni Chicken

We used to have the same kind of chicken in our local indian restaurant Karavalli,latham. so thought of trying the same at home.Actually I have tried so many times,but I cant able to get the same taste.But luckily this time,I got almost the same taste by adding some extra sauces and changing the flour batter etc etc..Senthil said it taste like an five star restaurant dish...Ok I can hear someone saying stop "Bragging"..Also my 3 year old said its so tasty can also use gobi instead chicken.

You need:
Chicken thigh/breast (boneless)-1 lb
rice flour-2 tbsp
besan flour-1 tbsp
oil-for frying
onion-1/2 big(big chunky pieces)
garlic-2 cloves(finely chopped)
Bell pepper-1/2(big chunky pieces)
tomato ketchup-3 tbsp
knorr sweet and spicy sauce-2 tbsp
soy sauce-a dash

Beat the egg in a bowl.Mix the besan and rice flour in a seperate bowl.

Heat the oil for frying,dip the chicken pieces in the egg and then dip it in the flour mix and fry it well.

Heat the wok with oil,add the garlic,onion and bell pepper saute it for 3-4 mnts.

Add all the sauces to it fry it for 1 mnt.

Add the fried chicken pieces and saute it for 1-2 mnts.

Garnish it and enjoy!!

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