spicy pasta bowl

Pasta is one of our family favorite....This recepie is lil bit spicy but it taste soo good..you can add as much as veggie as possible..I added lot of mushroom to it...I love mushrooms soo much...I had pasta after I came to US...I started loving this taste...So I tried preparing it in various ways...finally I stick with this one...

you need:

1.Pasta-1pk(any varities cooked as per the box instruction)

2.onion-1(big finely chopped)

3.garlic-10(finely chopped)

4.Bell pepper-1/2(finely chopped0

5.Indian green chillie-4(finely chopped)

6.jalepenos(pickled)-5 round slices

7.mushrooms-1 cup


9.ragu pasta sauce-1+1/2 cup


11.oil-1+1/2 tbsp

12.red crushed pepper flakes-1tbsp(optional)

13.cilantro for garnishing

14.parmesan cheese(optional)


1.Heat the oil in the pot add the garlic let it fry for few sec,add the onionwhen it it transparent add the green chillie and fry it for few sec.

2.add the bellpeper,jalepenosand mushroom fry it for few sec.

3.add the carrot and olives and fry it for few few sec.

4.add the sauce and salt to it

5.when the oil seperates,add the pasta strir it well.

6.close the lid and cook it it in low fame for 2 mnts.

7.add some red crushed pepper at the end if you want your pasta to be "hot".

Garnish with cilantro and parmesan cheese..