Need a break have a 'Sandwich'

spicy chicken burger

Everyone of us need a break from the kitchen sometime rite? I do feel that some time..Not to feel like entering into the kitchen and cooking something...Also not feeling like going outside and eat..At those times my saviour is this spicy chicken sandwich..
When I was in India I was not familiar with all these western foods....I am a person who loves to try new cuisines/ after coming to this country I tried out lot of cuisines..I love every cuisines..But you know what out of all these cuisines.. easiest way of preparing food is the american cuisine..So I made this recepie for 'less time cooking and more time enjoying'

I used the tyson spicy chicken breast patties..which is very juicy and restaurant style..

you need

1.Tyson Spicy chicken Breast patties-1
2.Sandwich buns-1
3.Mayo-1 tbsp
4.lettuce-1 leaf
5.cheese-1 slice
6.tomato-2 slice
7.Pickled Jalepeno-4 pieces


1.Cook the chicken patties in microwave(1.5 mnts)
2.Toast the Sandwich buns.
3.Apply mayo on the buns and arrange all these items in the bun.

Have it with some chips!Enjoy!


  1. Wow.. what a wonderful click... looks just like restaurant ones! Great job Priya! :)

  2. The burger looks yummy Priya :)Great way to cook up something would be delicious with spicy Tyson chicken!

  3. I too love jalapenos in burger. lovely picture.

  4. Lovely click Priya...neatly presented...very inviting.

  5. Sandwich in a jiffy with all the yummy flavors of the tyson chicken to pickled jalapenos mmm thats a good break though...

  6. So simple...looks yummy but......nice piv

  7. Wow nice click. Burger looks yummy. Nice presentation.

  8. I totally agreeeven if i love to cook there are times when isay i doneed a break from cooking.
    Love the sandwitch, looks delish.

  9. Hi Priyameena,
    my first visit here, wonderful blog.
    lovely sandwich for breaktimes :) shall c u more often :)

  10. Thanks gals for your lovely comments...I really enjoyed reading it..

  11. lovely priya... Nice clicks.. Thought of doing next week ...I am going to grab it..Really super click pa

  12. Gorgeous click Priya! Sandwich looks great! I make these (but no meat) at least once a week :) As you said American cuisine is the easiest as it involves less cooking.

  13. sandwich lam panni kalakkurapla irukku.
    Lovely pics.

  14. First time here, nice blog. Even I am a Geminian. Great click. I would love to substitute aloo patty, since i am vegetatrian.
    Mendum santhipooam

  15. Looks sooo good! Jalapenos! Yummy! u have a cool blog

    i must try some authentic madurai recipes from yr blog

  16. wow! what a lovely click ...wonderful ..Thanks for the recipe