Egg fried rice with toasted egg on side


I got this recepie from my sister in law.She is an wonderful cook.Before her marriage she is an OK cook.After her Marriage with the courtesy of my brother she became an wonderful cook.Not by means of my brother helping her in kitchen,by critizing the food she make.My brother is a very picky eater..If the food is not good he wont even touch it..If the food is good he will finish everything..:)
Senthil is not like that, if the food is spicy or if the food is salty,he wont even complaint it to me.Even If I said 'Senthil I guess its lil bit salty'he used to say'yeah thats Ok..No pblm..its edible only'..If I prepared the food in a really excellent..He will appreciate me like anything..'Super da..Excellent da..Blah..Blah..This egg fried rice is one of his favorite..

You Need
Basmati Rice-2 cups
water-3+1/2 cups
Shredded Cabbage-1+1/2 cups
Carrot and peas-1 cup
Onion-1(big thinely sliced length wise)
Ginger and garlic paste-1 tbsp
Bell Pepper-1/2(big thinely sliced length wise)
oil-2-3 tbsp
All spice powder-1/2 tsp
Pepper-as per taste


Cook the rice in the rice cooker(Make sure rice dont turns mushy add water accordingly..or else it will spoil the taste)

In a wok add 1 tbsp oil saute the onion until it is translucent..Add the g&g paste fry it for few sec until the raw smell goes off..put it in a bowl..

In the Same wok add some 1/2 tbsp oil saute cabbage until desired consistency..I like mine b/w overcooked and undercooked(means perfectly cooked:)..Put it in same bowl...

In the same wok add some 1/2 tbsp oil saute bellpepper,peas,carrot for few mnts..Put it in the same bowl..

In the same wok add pam/oil..Saute the egg with pepper and salt and put it in the same bowl

In the same wok add pam/oil .. saute the cooked rice for 2-3 mnts..add all the sauteed veggies and egg to it..add the salt and pepper and all spice powder..

Serve it with some Toasted boild egg seasoned with salt and pepper..


I am sending this recepie to Sudeshna's Bengalicusine 'Events for Egg'


  1. Hey Priya, you are such a gifted person to get Senthil as ur hubby... But this time he is lucky cos he gets all these wonderfully cooked food... Fried rice looks awesome, hats off to u and ur SIL...

  2. Give me the whole plate it looks so so so yummy delicious.

  3. Thanks Ramya...What you said is a absolutely true..

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  4. The dish looks delicious Priya..makes me hungry! Great idea to add seasoned boiled eggs :)

  5. Fried looks so tempting. Feel like having now. Perfect entry for the event.

  6. Hi priya , first time here.. Wow pictures are superb and I am happy ur from madurai. Becos i am too. Lovely dishes.. I will keep visiting regularly.

  7. Looks great Priya! Nicely presented. Your header is fabulous!

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  11. Egg fried rice with eggs on the side looks gorgeous. Yummy .

  12. egg fried rice looks awesome..beautiful blog with all your wonderful madhurai style must try your dishes..would love to revisit your blog!!

  13. Egg fried rice sounds delicious! I sometimes make it with leftover rice. Perfect with ketchup!

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    Good Divya..Less time cooking..More time enjoying..

  15. First time here Priya, and its so nice to see a blog specializing in madurai style food! I'm from Madurai and its exciting to see your blog! keep it going.. :)

    And thanks for your nice words in my blog :)

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  17. Egg fried rice, count me in!:) Looks delicious dear.

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