Sushi Thai Restaurant @Halfmoon,ny

We used to pass by this restaurant almost daily,actually it is in the strip mall so I thought its kind of boring chinese take out restaurant,by looking from the outside it looks like though.I dont like take out chinese foods..But I love Chinese food when it is prepared good.I also love Thai food...It has much Indian flavors in it.

We usually go to the restaurant once in a week bcoz I love eating outside same as senthil obiviously my son adarsh too will enjoy it.We were so hungry on saturaday afternoon,but we already planned to go out for lunch..Somehow it was very we deceided we can try something near..Then I said letz try this thai restuarant..Senthil also said OK..We entered to this restaurant almost like 2:30 they had lunch menu..they also provided the dinner menu..

When I looked through the menu I can see lot of thai items like pad thai,red curry,green curry,Paneng chicken etc..I thought of trying something different other than pad thai,red curry..we usally go for that in thai restaurants..I forget to tell you thier decor was so looks very earth friendly thay had a lot plants and a bif flat screen tv displaying all the images of Thailand...the waitress and waiter dressed in traditional Thai dress..Then I think ohh my god what I thought about the restaurants from the outside was totally wrong..

We first order vegetable tum yom soup for me the taste of the soup was lil bland but Senthil Loved it..He said it was very tasty..

Chicken Satay with peanut sauce and cucumber sauce This was totally awesome...Especially the sauces were so good. My son Adarsh really loved this He ate one immidiately asking for the other one..

Drunken noodles This is a flat rice noodles kind of like chow fun in chinese.With shrimp and chicken..It was good but little bit greasy.which also has lot of vegetables in it like zuchini,squash...which is very rare to find in a noodles/lo-mein..I am a huge noodles fan so for me this noodles is heaven..

Basil and Chili Chicken AS I said I dont want to try the normal red/paneng/yellow curry.We tried this.It is little bit spicy...But when we have it with rice it was Yummy..It has good basil aroma and chili taste in it..Chicken is cooked good..

Popcorn chicken We ordered this because Adarsh was keep on asking more chicken..Whenit can came he was so happy..It is panko breaded (japenese bread crumbs) and fried nicely..It was so crispy..the Sauce was OK..

So overall our meal @ SushiThai was excellent..The price was also nominal..Our overall bill including tax and tips came to $34..Thats what we need in this economy right..

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