Shallots/chinna vengayam uthappam

I think people from tamilnadu knows about murugan idly shop.Did anybody know wher its orgin its Madurai.I know this shop when I was kid.My dad take us to this very small shop which is like little bit bigger than the roadside restaurant .by saying he usually have his fourth meal(late night meal) in this shop while in his college days.He said that this shop is still same.they usually give like very very spongy idly..with four different chutneys..Those idly is not just like the idly you usally have it in the restaurants..these idly are more than the home made idllies...these shops can hold min 8-10 people...I am saying this situation some 10 years ago...but now this shops was everywhere even some outside india...I am so happy that one of my fav restaurant came up to this level...I am waiting for them to open a branch in newjersey...

My all time fav in this restaurant is shallots uthappam...I will get one dollop of butter on top of my uthappam...some idly podi with sesame oil...they will four different chutney with it...not the regular onion or coconut chutney... those are very different..but all of them are finger licking good.Here comes my shaloots uthappam.

you need:

1.Idly rice(preferred)/pulingal rice-4 cup

2.whole urad dhall-1 cup

3.fenugreek-1 tbsp

4.salt-as per taste

5.pearl onion/shallots-8


Soak the rice and the urad dhall along with the fenugreek seed seperately for 5 hrs.

Gring them seperately and mix it together and add need mix it very nicely with your hands only for atleast 3 min.

Set aside for whole night let it need 12 hours to ferment in cold weather.

Heat the tava add a ladder of batter to it lightly spread it.

add the peral onion immidiately.add oil and cover it.

once it is cooked.turn the dosa. and cook it for 1 min.

Thats it... your pearl onion uthappam is ready....


  1. ver nice recipes.. I really appreciate your effort in puttin these together..

  2. ver nice recipes.. I really appreciate you effort in putting these together..

  3. Yeah priya!! I very well know, you LOVE to eat even the regular dosa with Onion in school days :) he he he ...
    I should give a try...I never made one at home!

  4. Thanks Lakshmi..

    Thanks are absolutely right! Try it and let me know ..