puliyotharai is the temple prashadam in most of the temple.They usually give very little amount,but it will be very tasty.My mom usually makes this puliyotharai,when we are goin out of town.You know we dont even need to tell to our neighbours that we are goin out of town,they itselg will assume we will be goin out of town.Even our dog shiny(pomeranian) knows that we are goin out of town by showing his sad face.My mom made puliyotharai for my baby shower party it was the super dooper hit.So I asked my mom for the exact recppie and I tried it here,but I didnt get the exact taste of my mom,but it was good.
you need:

1. rice-1 1/2 cup

2.tamrind-1 +1/2 big lemon size

3.turmeric powder-1/4 tsp

4.salt as per taste

5.sesame oil-21/2 tbsp

for tempering

1.mustard-2 tsp

2.peanuts-1 tsp

3.curry leaves-1 stalk
4.channa dhal-2 tsp

5.cashews-1 tsp(optional)

for fine powder

1.fenugreek seeds-1 tsp

2.Asafoetida-1/2 tsp

for coarse powder

1.dry chillies-6
2.coriander seeds-1 tbsp


Cook the rice seperately and allow it to cool.

Fry both the items for fine powder and coarse powder seperately without oil and grind it as per specification

make the tamrind into tamrind pulp make sure its not very thick or thin.

In a deep skillet add the oil and add items for tempering,Add the tamrind pulp

add the turmeric powder and salt,let it boil for 3 mnts.

add the coarse powder and let it boil until oil seperates and looks like a paste(consistency should be like cheese dip).

finally add the fine powder let it cook in a low flame for 2 mnts.

now add the mix to the rice.

There you go!!!

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