Chicken Roast

Chicken roast is not fully gravy or fully dry recepie.which is kind of intermediate.But a very tasting and tempting dish.This goes well with rice,Chappathi.You can make this very easily without any grinding.

you need:

1.chicken-1/2 lb
2.onion-1(big finely chopped)
3.tomato(medium finely chopped)
4.ginger&garlic paste-1tsp
5.sambar powder-2 tbsp
6.oil-2 tbsp
7.curd-2 tbsp
8.pepper powder-1 tsp


In a deep skillet add oil add the onion.when it is little brown,add the ginger&garlic paste.when the smell goes off add the tomatoes.
when the tomatoes are like paste.Add the sambar powder.when the oil seperates add the curd.
add the chicken fry it for 2-3 mts.add some water when the chicken is completely cooked,

finally add some pepper powder.Garnish it with coriander.add some lemon juice while serving.

I said right it was soo easy..

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  1. u have lovely recipes of chicken ! would love to try them !