Egg salna for parotta

Salna is very famous in the road side restaurants alais kai endhi bhavan in madurai. The days still I can remember while I used to travel in the weekends from from my college which is in thirunelveli to madurai my hometown usually I will reach madurai at night I can see lot of road side restaurants with this salna.Eventhough guys if you are not in a mood to eat,whenever you feel aroma from these restaurants you will immitidately feel like ..I want to eat...Ok I cant able to reproduce the exact same taste which we usually have in madurai..but I am sure this will somehow near to it.

you need:

boiled eggs -4
onion-2(medium finely chopped)
tomato-2(medium finely chopped)
green chilli-3(slited lengthwise)
sambar powder-2 1/2 tsp
oil-2 tbsp
ghee 1 tbsp
ginger&garlic paste-1tbsp

for tempering:

cinnamon-1/2 inch piece
fennel seed-1/4 tsp
bay leaves-2
To grind:

coconut-1/4 cup
cashews-1 tbsp

In a deep skillet add one teaspoon of oil and ghee add thetempering items.
when they turn brown add onion when it turns lil brown add tomatoes and green chilli,and finally add some ginger and garlic paste.

add the sambar powder and salt.when the oil seperates add the grinded masala and one cup of water.let it boil for some minutes.add the remaining oil while it was boiling.

finally add some coriander leaves and the boiled cut the eggs into half or make some holes in whole egg using fork and add to it.let it stand for 2 min.

viola your salna is ready!!!

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