Asparagus venthaiya kulambu

This venthaiya kulambu is the base,venthaiyam is actually methi/fenugreek seed. I tried adding different vegetables like brocolli,brussel sprouts to it.This time I tried it with asparagus,it was good.This ventaiya kulambu is senthil favorite.Whenever I am making this curry I will make little bit more rice orelse we will run out of rice. Any poriyal or kootu goes well with this along with some rice.
You need:
1.Asparagus - 9(cut into medium pieces)
2.onion-1(big dice into small pieces)
3.tomato-2(small finely diced)
4.Tamrind-lemon size(soak it in hot water and make the extract)
5.garlic-2pods(finely chopped)
6.oil-2 tbsp
7.sambar powder-2 tbsp
for tempering
1.mustard seeds-1/2 tsp
2.cumin seeds-1/2 tsp
3.fenugreek seed-1/4 tsp
4.curry leaves-a lil
5.asofedetia-a lil
To grind
1.coconut-3 tbsp
3.garlic-1 pod
4.dry chillies-2
5.fenugreek seeds-1/2 tsp
1.In a medium size pot add the oil add the items for temering when it started spluttering add the garlic and onion.when it is translucent add the tomato.
2.When it is nicely fried add the sambar powder and lower the flame.
3.when the oil started oozes out add the asparagus and add the tamrind extract.
4.when the asparagus fully cooked.(cook it lil bit tender not mushy).add the grinded mixture and some salt and water.
5.let it boil for few minutes in high flame.
6.when it reaches the desired consistency switch off and add some heated sesame oil(optional).
Serve it with rice!!Enjoy!!


  1. Hi Priyameena, nice to discover your blog. This recipe sounds so unique and perfect for me...asparagus is my fav veggie too...adding methi is absolutely nice idea.

    Wow you are from Madurai...better I stick around to look forward for more yummy and tasty recipes! I love deep southern food, spicy and flavoursome feast!!!