Chicken Briyani

I love chicken briyani its one of my all time favorite..I tried making briyani so many times using pressure cooker most of the time it will be overcooked or else half cooked..once I tried it in the regular pot itself for that I have to stand and watch it and need to mix it so it took lot of my time...Finally I found a easy way of one pot briyani using rice me once you follow this way you will save time and also you will get nice and tasty briyani..
you need:
1.chicken-1 lb
2.rice-1+1/2 cup(soak it in the water for 1 hour)
3.onion -1 (big dice into small pieces)
4.tomato-1(big dice into small pieces)
6.turmeric powder-1/2 tsp
7.salt as per taste leaves-one handful
9.coriander leaves-one handful
10.water-2+1/2 cup
To grind
1. green chillies-4
2.ginger-one inch piece
For Seasoning
1.bay leaves-1
4.cinnamon-1 small piece
put the rice cooker pot on the stove heat the oil and ghee then add the items in the seasoning
add the onion when it turns transparent add the tomato then add the mint and coriander leaves..
when it becomes like a paste add the curd , grinded paste and turmeric powder the add the chicken to it.
fry it nicely for 2 mnts.add the rice and water and transfer it to the rice cooker
when the rice cooker turns to warm switch then transfer the pot into the stove put it in the low flame and close the lid..let it be there for 10 mts..At this stage "Do not mix the rice"...
finally garnish it with egg and serve...

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