Urati (rice and dhal dosa)

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This one of our family recepie.But I changed the way of preparing it,it needs to prepare it in a very heavy and hot cast iron kadai.... just put handful of the thick batter in all the sides and center of the kadai..Which yields 5 urati at the same time..with very small amount of oil (just a 1tsp is enough)..but the cons is everytime my mom prepares this she will get a burn mark..You need to do it very careful..Even the expert will sometime get burn marks..But my mom makes it ofen..I love you mom..
I dont want to get burn marks.. So I altered the way of preparing it without changing the ingridients..By making it in a regular tava..Its sligtly different in taste..But the good thing is senthil just love this..He never knew about this dish before..He is kind of addictive to this...Mission accomplished!!
By making it in a original method the out side will be very crispy and inside will be so soft..In my method both inside and outside is soft..

you need

Parboiled rice-1 cup
Toor dhal-1/4cup
Coconut-1 cup
Cilantro-1/2 cup
Onion-1(medium finely diced)

For Tempering

Mustard seed-1tsp
Splited urad dhal-1 tsp
Curry leaves


Soak the water and dhal for 4 hours.Grind it along with coconut and salt into thick batter with less water.

In a small kadai add oil add the items for tempering when it is started splutering add onion and fry it until it is translucent,add this to the batter.

Mix it well along with cilantro.

Heat the tava make it like small dosa..

The original method doesnt need any side dish..In my method you definetly need chutney/spice powder..


I am Sending this to JFI-CilantroHosted by Cilantro Originally started by Indira.

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  1. Dosa looks so yummy..seeing your shot makes me hungry!

  2. Priya thats looking good priya we do the same but it will very thin like rawa dosa and call it as toor dhal dosa i will posting it soon dear.. lovely picture too

  3. But spices we add is little different.So I hope adding cilantro and onion gives nice and different taste will try it out next attempt .

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  5. Thanks Pooja..

    Thanks Pavithra..Waitong to see your version too..

    Thanks sailu

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  7. Hi Priyameena,
    Instant dosa,no need to wait for a day to make dosa.Good one. Thx for dropping by my blog.

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  18. Thanks everybody foryour lovely comments..

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