Fish kulambu with Raw Mango

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Fish and raw mango are inseperable friends in tamilian cooking...I love the fish kulambu to be sour rather than spicy..Everyone knows that a day old fish kulambu taste more than the newly prepared one..So I always prepare more to have it with Idli/Dosa..I just love the combination of fish kulambu with dosa..
Being brought up in Madurai,which is not an seashore area..Fish is rare in my hometown..But I love fish..We will always love the things which is very rare to find ..Correct?..Like here in USA we are access to lot of cuisines..But we all love our hometown specialites like parotta/bhel puri/pav bhaji etc..I know the list will goes on..

You need

1.Tilapia Fish-1 lb
2.Onion-2(medium finely chopped)
3.Tomato-2(medium finely chopped)
4.Kulambu/Sambar powder-1 tbsp
5.Garlic cloves-4
7.Raw Mango-1/2(big chunky pieces)
8.Tamrind-one lemon size(extract the juice from it)
9.Green chillies-2

For wet grinding

1.small/sambar onion-6
2.shredded coconut-3 tbsp

For dry powderfry it in a skillet with no oil and powder it
2.cumin seeds-1/2tsp
3.coriander seeds-1 tsp
4.fennelseeds-1/2 tsp
5.fenu greek seeds-1/2 tsp

For Tempering

1.Mustard-1 tsp
2.cumin-1 tsp chillies-2(crushed)
4.curry leaves


In a cast iron skillet add oil and add the itmems for tempering.Add the onion and garlic saute it until it turns translucent.

Add tomatoes and green chillies saute it until it turns mushy.Adwet grinding and fry for few mnts..Add some water and boil it for 5 mnts..

Add the raw mango and cook it for 5 mnts.

Add the fish and cook it for 4-5 mnts(depends on the size of the fish,as the fish has an capacity to cook soon).



  1. Oh My mom does the same, meen kuzhambu and mango are deadly combo! Love with idli!

  2. kulambu really looking very good..tastes heavenly with raw mango i guess!!
    i have a doubt..what is ment by kulambu?

  3. Oh wow awesome.....Mouth watering.....Looks yum...

  4. hai..i am too from madurai...glad to meet u through blogging....lovely fish kulambu....please do participate in my first event..check out my blog for details

  5. Woo! Fish curry, slurp! My mom adds coconut to fish curry. Love to eat it with dosai! :D

  6. PLEASE...........for me serve this curry with a bit heap of rice, DELICIOUS :-)

  7. Oh Priya, you are rocking.. This fish curry is so temtping and colorful... delectable and mouthwatering...

  8. very nice priya! the pic looks great.! I donno about NV cooking, but this looks good and sounds good!

  9. Wow this looks so delectable! Love the creamy look of the curry and the combo with raw mangoes. Heavenly! My mom prepares in a similar way...makes me wish I was at home now!

  10. Thanx for your lovely comments..Cham,Lavanya,Kitchen flavor,Shama,Usha,Happy cook,Ramya,KittyMatti..

    Lavanya ..kulambu means spicy and sour curry

    shama..Glad you too from Madurai..Sure will check it soon..

  11. I just adore meen kuzhambu with dosai! Looks yummilicious!

  12. Thanks Pooja and Divya for your lovely comments..

  13. Fish curry with pachai mangai looks mouthwatering. Well said about a day old meen kulambu. I m also a fan of it.

  14. wow! nice pic and color ....lovely ...hey i am vegitarian still ia m drooling all over this pic ...killing me :(

  15. hi priya, first time curry sounds yummy nd colourful...

  16. I love this too from childhood..but the recipe differs lille..lemme try this version got a yummy cool blog..expect me more here !!

  17. Wwo that looks fantastic. lovely color. Drooling.

  18. Thanks Everybody for your wonderful comments..

  19. awesome touch is new to me!!!!! I will pass this to my mom, she wud love to try!

  20. Looks real can feel the tangy taste..wonderful one

  21. Hi Priyameena,
    nice unusual combo! looks very tasty. bright and tempting :) this is the right season to try some dish like this dear

  22. Hi Priyameena,wonderful combination of flavors.Pic looks gr8.

  23. oooooooooooh my fav combo !

  24. fav combo wh raw mango..nice click n presentation..we used to fish kulambu wth parotta in malaysia...