Adai Dosa(Lentils thick dosai) and bbq party snaps

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Adai Dosai is one of my hubby favorite.I never made it like the exact way he like.My mom she is the expert in this..Her adai used to be awesome taste,crispy and wont feel heavy after eating..Then I called my mom asked the secrets behind it..She said everything like the quanity and soaking and grinding technique.

My mom used to make this only on weekends..When I was a kid me and my brother will wait in the kitchen with the empty plate for the first adai..Eventhough I am the smaller kid my mom used to give the first one to my brother only.. not only one time almost every time.I am always a looser in this...Sometimes I will ask why?..sometimes never.. Sometimes I used to cry for this...After we became a grown up my brother started commenting what I used to do..he itself started giving me the first adai..Then after my marriage I said this to my hubby sorry complain this to my hubby...and my sweet hubby asked this to my mom just smiled and she didnt replied anything..Yes its a silly story ..Ha..ha..

Most of the people like to have this with aviyal,but I dont like it bcoz adai itself a heavy dish on top of that aviyal makes me feel so heavy...I love to eat it alone..So that you will taste just the adai taste not the chutey/aviyal taste.

you need

Par boiled rice-1 cup
raw rice-1/2 cup
channa dhal-1/2 cup
toor dhal,moong dhal,ura dhal-little bit of evrything to make it into-1/4 cup
Red chillies-5-7(depends on your spice level and spiceniness of your chillies)
salt-as per taste

For Tempering

mustard seeds-1 tsp
urad dhal-1 tsp
onion-1 (medium finely chopped/you can also use shallots for better taste)
curry leaves


Soak the rice and dry chillies together and soak all the dhal seperately for just 45 minutes to i hour.

Grind the rice and dry chillies almost like a rava cosistency and grind the dhal seperately little larger than the rava consistency.

Mix both the batter with some salt.

In a kadai add the tempering items in the order and then add it to the batter.Batter should be thicker then the dosa batter...but dont make it too thick the your adai will be so heavy..

In tava pour batter and make dosa..

Anniversary & Barbeque 096
My Three year old son Adarsh waiting for his chicken

Anniversary & Barbeque 094
My hubby Senthil a grill pro

Anniversary & Barbeque 109
chicken on the grill

Anniversary & Barbeque 098
Corn on the grill,it was so tasty just like the one we used to get it in chennai beach.

Anniversary & Barbeque 103
Kids in the hawaii costumes..(yes I am behind them)

Anniversary & Barbeque 166
Kids pool


  1. It seems you people enjoyed a lot!!
    Grt theme.
    I liked your grill very much!

  2. Excellent adai.. Bbq snaps are lovely. You and daughters in hawai costume look cute! Looks like you had a great enjoyments on that day!:)

  3. Hey !!!!!
    Dosa looks perfect !!!!!
    very nice pics...Your son looks so cute!!!!
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    Dosa looks perfect & delicious too ...
    It seems you guys had lots of fun ...
    You son looks so cute ...

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    Cute and lovely party pictures !

  13. i like the color of your adai.. looks yummy.. can i also join u guys?

  14. Diff adai recipe and lovely snaps.

  15. you must have had a very nice time...these are pictures for the keep! adai dosa looks so yumm!

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  17. Lovely pictures priya. Adai looks delicious & yummy.

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    The adai is one of my fave too-I can eat it just like that without even a chutney :)

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    Bbq party and the theme are so great. Like ur costume too. U look great da.
    Kids pool and the grill are just amazing.

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  25. hi meena,
    Wow! wonderful snaps dear :) u look so cute in the hawaii outfit :) and the kids seemed to have a great time :) the grill surely looks amazing!!
    The adai dosa used to be my fav. too! but it's been sometime that I've made it at home, should make it sometime soon :)
    Thanks for sharing ur recipe

  26. Hey There ..looks like had a wonderful party ..
    Love the recipeof dosai ..will try thissoon .Thanks for sharing :)

  27. Hi Meena,what a wonderful blog you have here!I SO love your grill,and it looks like it was really busy that day!I'd love to guide our readers to your site if you won't mind.Just add your choice of foodista widget to this post and it's all set to go, Thanks!

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