Strawberry Margaritta and Stuffed mushroom

Last week lot of things came in between,so I couldnt able to do blogging.Hope you are all doing good.Last week I celebrated my birthday,I turned 26(yeah I am pretty young).It was great.Strawberry margaritta and stuffed mushroom are nothing to do with my birthday.These are in my draft for so long time.

In my life I always came across this circumstance like, if there is any good thing is happening to me soon I will face some bad thing.Same If there is any bad thing happening to me,soon I will face some good thing.So instead of worring for the bad thing that happened, I started enjoying it because I know soon, something good going to happen.Ok I dont want you gals to get bore with my stupid philosophy.Letz get back to the margaritta.

I am huge fan of margaritta.I love any margaritta my favorite is lemon lime..I love sour taste.But I tried this strawberry margaritta for the first time I love it.Something to go along with it we had this stuffed mushroom its vegetarian.

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For Margaritta You need

Strawberry Margaritta Mix-3 cups
Tequilla-1 cup
crushed ice-1 cup
margaritta salt-to rim the edges(optional)
Fresh strawberries-for garnishing


Mix the strawberry margaritta mix,tequilla and crushed ice in a cocktail shaker.Give it really a good shake.

Rim the edges with fresh strawberries and immerse it in the margaritta salt.

Pour the mix in the glass,add the fresh strawberry in the glass

For Stuffed Mushroom you need

Medium sized Mushroom-8
Green chillies-3(small)
potatao-1(medium boiled and mashed)
oil-1 tbsp
cheese-1/2 cup


Gring the onion,garlic and green chillies to a paste.

Remove the stalk from the mushroom and chop it finely

In a wok add some oil and fry the grinded mixture until the raw smell goes off.Add the potato and the stalk of the mushroom.Fry it for few mnts.Stuff mixture is ready

In a oven plate arrange the mushroom and stuff all with the stuff mixture and top all with some cheese of your choice.

Place it in a preheated oven at 375 degree.Bake it until the cheese turns little browm.

Viola its ready!!


Four Lovely gals Pooja, Pavithra, sailaja,Shubha pass this wonderful award to me

Thanks a lot gals..I feel so honored..Thanks again.


  1. Wow thats fantastic priya both r looking lovely.. i luv the stuffed mushroom always.. superb

  2. I muist make one of these days Margaritta, your look so so delcious.

  3. congrats for your award Priya!!
    And margarita looks grt!!
    I am also big fan of margarita!!

  4. My belated wishes......mushrooms look yummy!!!!!

  5. Belated birthday wishes Priya :) Both Margaritta and stuffed mushrooms look awesome! Congrats on the award too :)

  6. wow! They looks so good Priyameena!! GReat job!

  7. fabulous margaritta..stuffed mushroom looks very good..good work priya..:)

  8. Mmmm a new dish to me priya.. Lovely!! Belated birthday wishes!! Mixture of Good & bad things is life.. Ur philosophy matches mine..!

  9. Woww margaritta looks very refreshing..i never tried or tasted it...Stuffed mushrooms makes me hungry yaa!

  10. Wow strawberry margherita looks gorgeous! love stuffed mushrooms too, nicely presented!

  11. Belated BIRTHDAY WISHES MY DEAR. Margaritaaas look great, I love the color, superb!

    Stuffed mushrooms are still lying in my draft too! Yours look perfect, I like the picture so much!!

  12. MMmmmmm-the stuffed mushrooms sound great!! I always have some mushrooms in the fridge-will try this :)

  13. Belated B'day wishes Priya :) Let us be proud of being Gemini!! wooohoo! Stuffy mushrooms are inviting me :)

  14. Belated wishes Priya. Margaritta looks yummy.

  15. belated b'day wishes dear and marvellous pics!!

  16. Congrats on your award.. the drink and the mushrooms looks delish..

  17. Congrats on the award .... of my fav's...and that too with strawberry's defntly make a treat for me...
    Gr8 job...

  18. awesome margarita meena..the pic is stunning.nice idea to stuff the mushrooms with potato..awesome twosome recipes..btw, u r a june baby too? today is my bday

  19. Fabulous pics!And belated birthday wishes.

  20. Strawberry margarita looks great and its beautifully presented.Drop in sometime!!

  21. beautiful pictures! margarita looks tempting...!

  22. belated birthday wishes to you. Loved the stuffed mushrooms

  23. hi meena,
    belated b'day wishes to u dear! wishing u many many more to come :)
    ur v.vadais, chicken drumsticks looks so yummm just like restaurant fininshing :) good job meena :)
    Both the recipes are mind blowing the margarita looks cool!ooooo mushroom stuff looks tempting too! good one girl!

  24. Hi
    First time to your blog.
    Fabulous pictures and nice collection of recipes.
    Both the recipes looking great and tempting too.

    Do visit my space when you get free time.

  25. Belated Birthday wishes Priya..delicious treat there..I missed it.

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  27. Looks so yummy.. the picture is perfectly tempting. :)

    first time here and sure would be back again. your pics invite me. :) keep it going.

    do take a look at my blogs when you find time.