Long break followed by a short break

Everyday I started something is missing in my life and finally I came to know I didnt blogged for such a long time.:)..I feel little guilty for the uninformed break from the blogging..This time I am going to take a short break.Probably 1-2 weeks.There are so many reason to say why I didnt blogged..Tight shedule at work,camera got repaired,furnishing our home.. so trying to get lot ideas from browsing hgtv.com,Shopping a lot ..:)Guest at home etc..etc..But the actual reason is my laziness and poor time management..Last but not least working mom Bloggers please throw some tips in my blog for time management..

Glad I have seen selected in the food blog roll for Finest foodie Friday(FFF).I am so happy they mention a lot about my blog.Its a really a honor for me to get this.Please check the link to read about my blog.


Catch you gals sooner!!


  1. aww, working and time management, I knw it used to be a struggle for me too. take heart..

  2. congrats.....missing ur recipes & comments...

  3. I totally can understand, hope to see u back with a bang :)

  4. take care dear...please do participate in my first cooked food event in my blog

  5. hi take the deserved time off dear ...come back with a bang. I too had my share of breaks, sometimes it is essential to come back with high spirits :)

  6. Take care, I know its hard to manage everything in one go...relax buddy.