One Decade(2005-2010)

OK OK..without informing the absence,also instead of giving recepies,what in the world she is writing in a cooking blog..I can hear you all saying that..but I felt I want to share something with my readers after a long time..while browsing I read something like this from a blog,so I decided why dont I write something about my life in my own blog..After reading this I hope you will understand my long absence..I hope( if time permits :) ) I will write more and give some madurai style recepies in next year..

Most important decade of my life(2005-2010)..Lot of things happened..Lots of fun..Lots of ups and down...Let see how?

2005:Most important year of my life.Got married to Senthil in January,Most wonderful person in earth.Started my marriage life in
Albany,NY in a single bedroom apartment driving a ford taurus.Got pregnant in march,totally unplanned,Which drive both of us crazy for a little while until Adarsh born in December.We had a bunch of good friends they really taken care of me during pregnancy.Adarsh looks exactly like me,being an young age mom(I am 22 @ this time), Thankfully my mom was with me at the end of my pregnancy.She guided me each and every step.I love you mom!you are my role model!

2006:Nothing Special happened this year.We moved to two bedroom apartment and bought a brand new Honda Accord.Went to las vegas just me and Senthil leaving adarsh with my mom,the best vaction I ever had.I felt like I was in dream land.My mom went back to India,that scared me a lot,how am I going to take care of this 5 month old baby that is my biggest concern,God gave me enough Strength to overcome the little hurdles I got day by day.Finally I started feeling little matured at this stage.My brother family came to US.We all celebrated Adarsh first
birthday in a party hall with the bunch of friends.Beautiful memories!

2007: Important year in my software career.I joined as a java consultant in NYSDOH.We bought a brand new individual home in Mogappair,Chennai.Went
to India for house warming cermony,and showed My Adarsh to everyone in India.Went to London for a vacation.

2008:Work work work kinda year..Being a consultant I worked really hard..but it paid off..we saved a lot..which made us to bought a brand new home in clifton park,NY with a pretty good down payment..we felt like we have achieved something in life at this year..we love love loved our new home..Being lived in a apartment for three years moving to a brand new house is a great feeling!

2009:Lots of ups and down filled year..Beginning of this year my contract at NYSDOh got I was at an transistion period for three months..This is very common in a consultants world..But it scared me..I started writing on this beautiful cooking blog..which I loved so much ..I got a NYS state job as an IT specialist in programming as permanent employee,which I am completely NOT statisfied by this job bcoz its very less pay than what I got before...but the world is recession at that time..So I said to myself whatever happens in life is
good..God has a plan..But I really enjoyed at this time..Wonderful team..Got lot of good friends at the state..They are all very kind and fun..We almost furnished our home at this year..Home started looking lovely!

2010:Wow what a great year! We went to Florida for a long 10 day vacation!Bought our Second brand new Toyato Highlander 2010..
Joined in LTI as a java consultant again..Ready to take the stress and heavy work load..Worked as a consultant to GE..Totally a new world..Tiring yet rewarding job..When I touched the Thomas Edison desk where he discovered a lot.. at the research center they kept it for display..I cried literally at the moment..Who in the world have those oppurtunities(ofcourse those who are all working in research center have that ha ha..)..Working in Edison office(GE) is such a great experience My Consulting company LTI is wonderful..Thier holiday celebration is unforgettable event in my life..There are almost 100 varities of food and cocktails in the mansion...Most of them I never tasted or enjoyed in my life.Danced at the party for the first time with my Senthil.Most wonderful party I ever had in my life..Senthil joined as a state consultant after 9 years of work at IA system..A huge career move for him..Celebrated Adarsh birthday in a grand manner!A sucessful and a pleasent year!Financially a very good year too!

All these years what I have learned from life is its a transistion,move
according to god's plan..Take the challenge and try to win on
that..Accept the changes.... Lets see what is in store for me for the next decade(2011-2015)..I am ready to take the challenge and move according to god's plan.

Finally don't think I am philosopher..there is a philosopher sitting
inside me I was trying to pull her out of the shell by writing this to
the world!

Have a fun filled New Year!


  1. Hey Priya wonderful recap and nice post. Good to see u back dear. Wish u and ur family Happy New Year !!!

  2. nice to recollevt all those memories